Mar 1, 2010


My son J is out with my husband, and the younger two are napping. The only noise I hear is our washer and dryer doing my laundry. It's so quiet. A moments like this reminds me to take a deep breath and helps me to rethink who I am. It is nice to have a little break like this. And I realized how much I love my family. I know I started this blog to remind me. So here are some of those moments I don't want to forget.

In winter, especially with a new baby, I tend to stay inside wishing for a nice weather. But this day, I decided to bundle up with kids and went outside while baby K was taking a nap. Here my angels having fun making snow angels.
"Look, Mom! 'You are under arrest!"
This is what I got before I got "Good morning" one morning. A house got on fire and those 2 little people are surrounded by police and army.
My helpers in kitchen
Define "help"....well, that's another story
My 3-months old K
He coos as if he wants to tell me a story, and smiles as if he wants to say "I love you, Mommy."

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Lis said...

What fun pictures! Your kids are growing so fast.