Mar 24, 2010

Spending all day to accomplish nothing

The title doesn't sound much of "happy moment" as I try to focus on here. And, not it isn't. There is nothing "happy" about me spending all day to accomplish nothing. I was in fact very frustrated this morning wanting to accomplish just one thing. One. Not ten, or even two. Just one. So I mentioned that to an e-mail to my hubby at work, and here is his response;
In regard to your ‘I’ll try to accomplish one thing this morning….’ You are accomplishing a TON just being a Mommy with the kids. So thank you for doing that much!
How sweet! Here I was unloading dishes from dishwasher, which I attempted this morning, at 10 pm, thinking "What did I even accomplish today???" Then, I remembered what he told me. Just to make me feel better here is the list of things I did this morning; I fed kids breakfast, got recycle bin out, made toast for my breakfast, had a piece of Reese's Puffs cereal from M and agreed that was tasty, cleaned up baby's spit-ups, got Leo (our dog) a bowl of water, took a bite of toast, helped J starting computer, had half cup of chocolate milk to wash down the toast, picked up a crying baby, finished the rest of the toast, attempted M's potty training with much bribing, drew a dog, failed potty training fight, spelled LOG, got in shower, helped J spelling BUG, washed my hair, helped J spelling COW, got out of shower, picked up crying baby, had a chat with a happy smiley baby, nursed him and put him down for a nap for the second time, explained to J what a blowfish is like, tried to unload dishwasher, got a princess sticker on my shirt....and on and on.
Looking back, my day was full. I did accomplish a TON. Nothing like the "one thing" I had in my mind, but a lot of little things. And I think I did pretty good. I have frustrating moments, but I have no regret on the choice I made to be home with kids. One day I'll probably miss these crazy mornings. Thanks honey for your encouraging words.

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Lis said...

I think that sometimes we as moms get so caught up in what we "have to" get done that we don't see all that we actually do during the day. I miss you guys and it's great to see that things are going good.