Feb 23, 2010

Dear Thumb,

Thank you for all you do. You are so useful and such a hard worker. I cannot imagine my life without you. I mean, how do I press this space-bar thing without you?? I don't do much of texting, but I know a lot of people enjoy your company. For our family, J enjoyed you so much, well, a little too much and too long, I think. You helped him soothe himself when he was a baby. I did enjoyed longer sleep at night because of your help. I have to thank you for that. I don't think M cares much about you though. She seems to prefer "pointer" and "tall man." No offense. It was not my call, you know? She still adores you and calls you "thumbkin" though, especially when she wears mittens. And you are the almost only one she plays with when singing "where is thumbkin" song.
Now, as much as I appreciated soothing J in his earlier years, it was really hard to separate two of you. You are not so nice to teeth. Unfortunately, cutting you off is not an option. So, I really want our baby K to take his binky instead of you. Oh, don't get me wrong. I still like you. But I don't want him to get attached to you too much. This morning he had both you and "pointer" at the same time. Yeah, I know you are good at sneaking in like that. But K has binky usually attached to his clothes. So, unless, for some reason, Mr. binky is not available, will you leave K alone please? Or don't make it taste so good, will you? Oh, by the way, Mr. binky looks like this.
Thank you,