Feb 8, 2010

Back to cooking!?

This setting up and declaring menu for the week actually got me motivated. I did make Tator Tots casserole for dinner tonight. It was a hit. No leftover. My super-picky-eater M even ate a lot of it. It's a keeper.
After I came home from grocery shopping, I made some meatballs and cooked ground beef to freeze. Now I have a freezer bag full of meatballs and 2 containers full of cooked ground beef ready to go. I'm excited! Knowing good stuff (instead of cheap card-board frozen pizzas, which is love of my hubby) is in my freezer just makes me smile. Also, it gives me somewhat sense of comfort security that one of those night in the next couple of weeks, when I'm just exhausted and have no energy to cook, those guys will be there for me to provide an easy quick meal, like spaghetti meatball (which is one of J's favorites). I have a feeling I can sleep good tonight.

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