Nov 25, 2009

"Nesting" project

My mom has been asking me when I was going to make curtains for the living room for about 3 years now. Yes, our living room has been pretty neglected. But my due date approaches, which means the day my mom flies in approaches, plus my "nesting" energy kicked in, I got myself to work, finally. Thanks to the world of internet, I found an instruction on how to make hidden tab-top curtains and thanks to the perfect timing of JoAnn's sale, I got clearance fabric at 1/2 off price with additional 10% off. I cleared out all of the red suede fabric they got in the clearance section, but it gave me enough to make 5 panels (only 2 are shown here), 4 good size pillows, and some left to make bindings for coordinated pillows.

As a result, our living room looks from this:

To now this:

Because the fabric is so heavy, I didn't do lining, which saved me time. But because of the thickness of the fabric, it keeps our room warm. I'm sure the color adds the effect too, but, I'm just happy about how it turned out. Too much red? Maybe. But I like it. I'd love to replace those blinds to bamboo shades, but that's another time.


Kristin said...

It looks great!w

carizolli said...

It looks so beautiful! Great job!

Mari said...

It looks fabulous! I adore the red and don't think it's too much at all.

Lis said...

It looks amazing!

Lis said...

they look amazing!

Ginny said...

Oh, very nice...I like!

Yvonne said...

Your curtains are lovely.

I am glad to read that you are enjoying your pregnancy.
Reading about yours brings back warm memories of mine, and it has been 36 years. Memories that stay with you all your life.

Yvonne H
Phoenix, AZ

Kumiko said...

Wow! Great job Chie-chan!!

Miriam said...

Hey there! Hope you found my tutorial useful! Let me know what you think of it sometime!

--Miriam at Crafter By Night