Nov 6, 2009


I did not have much energy to make costumes for kids this year, but luckily they came up with easy ones for me. One is play dress-up dress and the other is pajamas! With a few added accessories...done!
Our Princess Belle at Halloween Party
J as Batman
Day of Halloween
Batman pulling a wagon with sleepy princess in.
Kids went out trick-or-treating with Daddy while Mommy sat on the porch handing out candies to other trick-or-treaters. Obviously, Daddy was not pulling the wagon quick enough for Batman, so he decided to take over. Between Batman running and pulling the wagon faster, and the princess's charm, they got A LOT of candies in a little over hour of trick-or-treating. I guess those college girls in this neighborhood loved them so much that kids were getting handful of candies at a time. House role here? Kids get to eat 1 candy a day. Me? I'm enjoying all the chocolate they got!! Um, I mean, it's called Mommy Tax, right?

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