Apr 29, 2012

Sunday Popcorn

This was our weekly menu one week. This was one of those many weeks that I didn't fill out the entire week, and as you see, kids helped themselves. It is nice to have a 1st grader now who knows how to write and loves to help his sister.  And in case you can't read, here is what's written;
Monday: Bacon Pasta
Tuesday: Teriyaki chicken (I probably should post on my cooking blog that I have not updated for a LONG time, but at least I know one of my sisters-in-law would love it. The problem is that I don't measure...but that's another story)
Wednesday: White Lasagna
Thursday: Teriyaki Burger (J's favorite)
Friday: Chocolate pancake (M's request)
Saturday: Pasta (one of the very few items M would eat)
Sunday:  Popcorn

That's right, popcorn for dinner. That's what we do. Or I should say, that's what my husband's family have been doing for many many years. I don't know how many generations, but I know wherever we live, our family is having "Sunday Popcorn"

I believe Sunday Popcorn started back in a farm where my husband's grandfather grew up. For a leisure, his family gathered over bowls of popcorn and enjoyed each others' company, because, well, popcorn is pretty cheap.

I think it's wonderful. It's not a trip to Disney World. It's not a fancy dinner. It's a family time. We gather together and visit. We usually have, in addition to popcorn (because popcorn itself really doesn't fill you up), cheese, fruits, and juices. Sometimes some treats if someone was up to baking something. Tonight, we had yummy fresh salsa, freshly baked zucchini bread, and no bake cookies. 

We adults visit while kids play together. No fight (except between siblings) among cousins. Someone is always watching over little ones. With that many kids (at least 16 kids of ages 2-14 today), you can play pretty much any kind of games.

So, that's why we have Popcorn on the menu. Not that popcorn is their favorite dinner item, but it's a fun family time together with their cousins.

That's our Sunday Popcorn.
And that has been on our menu most of Sundays, and will always be.

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Kristin said...

I love hearing about your popcorn dinner tradition! That's a great idea. Your whole menu sounds yummy. :)