Apr 30, 2012

Belated Eggstravaganza post

How long ago was Easter? My artist friend V invited me to her house for Eggstravaganza again. I got to meet a locally famous artist at her house, and oh my, I had so much fun. We, adults, colored and decorated eggs while we visit. But this is not just simple soaking eggs in colored water....it's pretty serious. It's all fun, but you know, we'd spend at least half hour or so per egg. I decorated 3 eggs in 2 hours...
 Here is a pic of V's collection from past Eggstravaganza.
 Not a good shot, but my battery was dying on me...
 Eggs drying on egg drying board she made (I think she pinned on grid-drawn form).
Again, not a good pic *sigh*
 And these 3 are the one I made this year. I probably should have done them in emptied eggs, but I didn't think much...oh well. 
The look was going for the blue was the Ukrainian folk art of wax-and-dye method. V even had the kit to do it! But it seemed involve a bit too much. So I went for crayon-and-dye method instead.  I was really happy how the cherry blossom one turned out to be though. Isn't that pretty???
It's a lot of crayon-and-dipping-and-drying. Every time the egg came out the colored water, it revealed another layer of color...oh, it was so therapeutic!

This is the photo of eggs my family decorated. Kids tried crack-and-dye, tape-and-dye, marbleizing tech with oil, and crayon-and-dye methods. 
K decided to go with dye-and-stick-and-crack-and-sqeeze method....
Having a good time, either you are young or not-so-young, that's the whole point of Eggstravaganza!

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