Apr 22, 2011


I was invited to an egg decorating party today by a friend who is an artist. And it was serious. I mean, her house full of people with creativity was so inspiring!
Just simple combination of electric tapes and rubber bands made such beautiful intricate designs. And I learned that fresh eggs wrapped in fabric with onion skins and barley grains then boiled make such beautiful marble looking piece of art. That was such a fun time!
So, here are some of the pics...
Beautiful bowl of eggs.

The funky looking egg covered with googly eyes is my creation. Shows my personality!?Also, I made a couple of lace covered ones that you can see the instruction here.

Someone made this elegant piece. So I decided to make this.Meet my Ms. Elegant Egg with her proper Easter outfit even with Sunday Bonnet.

Kids were so excited to see them and wanted to decorate their eggs right away. Well, let's do that tomorrow, and let's keep it simple. The serious decoration is only for the grown-ups, or at least those who don't require my intense supervision.


Kristin said...

Love it! Oh - your lady egg makes me smile. :)

Cassavaugh Family said...

WOW these are great! I love them all.

Mink said...

Love love love!!

Robert said...
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Bethany Rosselit said...

Those are so fun! (Sorry, I deleted my last comment because it signed me in under Rob's name).