Feb 15, 2012

Valentine's Day dinner

 For Valentine's Day dinner, I decided to make pink crepes for fun.
Adding a few drops of food coloring and imitation flavors wouldn't be that bad, I thought. So I tried.
I shouldn't have given kids choices, cherry or strawberry flavor. J wanted cherry, M wanted strawberry, of course. "Fine, I'd divide the batter in half and flavor one of each", I thought. So I did.
 They looked pretty pink as batter, not so much on the skillet, but sure it was pretty pink on a plate. 
 They smelled like artificial cherry and strawberry. 
I even made some chocolate ones too.
But J said to me, "Mom, will you make just regular crepes next time?"  M, who wanted the strawberry flavored crepes, didn't even touch it. K ate total 5 of regular and chocolate crepes, but no pink ones. I guess my pretty in pink crepe dinner plan failed. I don't think those leftover pink crepes will be eaten...oh well. It was still fun to see kids' reaction when they saw those pink crepes. 

So I took one last shot of the Valentine's crepes accompanied with smoked sausage sauteed with pancake syrup (I know it's weird, but J's favorite), and my new attempt on strata. I added sliced oranges to make it more like a descent dinner, instead of just dessert for dinner. 
Dessert for dinner? That sounds actually good.....

Speaking of dessert, my dear husband made this:
Chocolate mousse.  
It was delicious.
And it was his first time making mousse.
Here is him in whipping action with his recipe reference to the left (i.e. his laptop). 
I love when he works in the kitchen and I get to sit on the couch and watch some PBS show.

Well, hand whipping didn't cut it. After (finally!) he asked me where hand mixer was, he was successfully able to whip up actual mousse consistency stuff. The best part of this is that it was made of just chocolate bar and water. That's it. He found the recipe from a science blog. A SCIENCE BLOG! I didn't know he reads science blog. I thought he was history kind of guy. He said, "I love science. I read science stuff. I just suck at it."  So, that's where he got the idea of making this fancy dessert for his wife on Valentine's Day. What a man.
He loves me. 
I'm so loved.
Happy Valentine's Day!

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