Feb 2, 2012

Letter M

 Instead of doing other things that I'm supposed to be doing (we call it housekeeping strike), I decided to make this: Letter M. 
Now it's hung on a dining room along with family photos (one next to M is my grandmother).
 It's 8x8 paper, outlined with letter M, tacky glued with small pearls, mounted on a frame I found at Goodwill for $1.99. Very happy about the result. Maybe I should have used different paper as background, but it's good enough now. 
Speaking of family, here is our recent family picture, drawn by my daughter M. Yes, there are 2 of her - one below is real her and the all pink one is her baby doll (18"doll she got for Christmas) named M as well.

1 comment:

misty said...

That M looks gorgeous. What a great idea! I like the background.