Sep 16, 2010

The sense of accomplishment this week

I know I'm kind of slow in following trends, and I usually don't care much about trends. But I decided to make some girls floral headbands. I wanted to see how I can create something cute really cheap. Flowers, spool of ribbons, sets of simple black headbands are all under $1.00 each - either from a dollar store or clearance rack. It's another easy, fun, quick project. Some went to my friends' girls, some are going to an auction at J's school, and some are going to be birthday gifts for my friends' little girls (yes, some of you may see these soon...).

And this, a flag with an eagle on, was more like a homework kind of project, well, originally for my hubby. Starting today he is off to Wood Badge, a leadership training for boyscout leaders. Isn't it a very sharp looking eagle?? I love it.

He and several other people are in a troop named Eagle, and they needed to make a flag. Well, he needed to make a flag as one of his homework. He came home with this image below.I said, "Ummmm, you want me to help you make a flag with this?" Nope, I like the other one better. Courtesy of Google image - the image was traced.

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