Sep 19, 2010

"Hate it" to "Like it" to "Love it"

One morning, a few days ago, I had a moment thinking, "I LOVE being a stay-at-home mom!"
When I became one almost 4 years ago, actually, I struggled. I hated it. I was all of sudden a mother of 2 kids (I worked full-time till 2nd child was 3 months old). I had no idea what to do, what I was doing, or what I was supposed to do. I felt lost.
A friend of mine shared with me one day, "You know, when I first became a stay-at-home mom I hated it. The first 18 months was horrible. Then I started liking it, and now I love it. I hope you'll get to love it in a few years."
About a year ago or so, I told her that I started liking it. She was happy to hear my progress.
Then a few days ago, I thought, "Hey, I love being a mom, a stay-at-home mom!"
I love being able to take J to kindergarten every morning without rush, with a baby on my hip and 2 kids in tow (Yes, it is crazy in the morning). I love being able to make 22 pieces of rice crispy treats for J's kindergarten class as a snack. And I absolutely love seeing my son thriving in his new world - kindergarten. And, honestly, I enjoy a little quiet time I get during the day.
Yay for me - to be able to say, finally, "I love it."

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The Mink Family said...

Yes... Yay for you Chieko! It's a hard job... but such a rewarding one. You are awesome and you have great kids... they are so lucky to call YOU their mom. Rock on!!
PS: LOVE LOVE LOVE the BUMBO seat!!! Thanks for loaning it to me!! (and Max!)