Jun 14, 2010

Second generation bed-time story

Bidily Bump is the name of the main character in this second generation bed-time story that originally my father-in-law started, and now my husband is telling our kids almost every night. The story is about this cat, named Bidily Bump (correct spelling unknown), going out and about. Kids get to come up with where he goes and what happens. In tonight's story, Bidily Bump went to a park. Then Bidily Bump would encounter an alligator (no name) at some point. Story goes on. At the very end, Bidily Bump would always say, "I may not be very smart, but there is one thing I know..." then tell kids it's just a made-up story, so no matter what happens to Bidily Bump he is okay and kids don't have to worry about him all night.
My husband has fun memories with the story told by his Dad. I hope our kids will cherish through their lives.

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