Jun 11, 2010

Mini Me

I guess, M has always been a "Mommy's girl", but she has been wanting to be doing whatever I do lately - doing dishes, laundry, sweeping, and even nursing. I sit on my glider to nurse baby K; M sits on her little rocking chair across the room to "nurse" her baby (tuck her baby doll under her shirt). I change side, so does she. I rock the baby and pat on the back, so does she. I put a burp clothes under his chin and pat his back to have him burp, well, so does she. After it's all done, she'd check her diaper to make sure it's clean (I sure hope it is!), put her baby in her little bed, tuck her in under a blanket, and tell her "Nite, nite". Then she tells me "Shhhh. Baby is sleep." It's pretty sweet.

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