Jun 4, 2010

A conversation of 5-year-olds

Here is a conversation between my son and his, also a 5-year-old, cousin A.

J: I'm going to Kindergarten next year.
A: Me, too!
J: But I'm going to Kindergarten that people are speaking Japanese. (He meant his Japanese friends who speak Japanese are going to the same school.)
A: Oh.
A: I'm going to just regular Kindergarten. You know, people speak regular.
J: Regular?
A: Yeah. Like, you know? We say "Hi" and stuff.
J: Oh.

I didn't know two 5-year-olds could carry such a conversation - actually listen to the other person and think through responses. It was so cute to see two of them being excited to go kindergarten next year and talking about it.

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carizolli said...

*LOL* That's so funny!

Did you know that our daughter goes to a Japanese immersion school? They teach 50% Japanese and 50% English. She loves it! She wants to LIVE in Japan now!