Sep 30, 2008

My own creation - Chocolate Chex Mix

I had a couple of box of Rice Chex given to us. I am personally not a big fun of as a cold cereal, nor my kids.

So, I tried to make a good use of these poor boxes of Chex.

I coated the plain rice chex with caramel (butter, brown sugar, vanilla, and a bit of water).

It was pretty tasty!

I mixed the caramel-flavored chex with alphabet-shape pretzels (yes, it's from the same bag that J discovered a fun with letter E), teddy graham crackers, and M&M's.

Kids ate M&M's first, of course... (Who won't pick them!?)

Then moved to teddies....

Maybe some pretzels...

But NO Mama's special caramel chex!

But, I didn't want to give up on those just plain Chex.

So, I tried a chocolate flavored one (butter, sugar, vanilla, cocoa powder and a bit of water)!

This time I mixed multi-grain cheerios trying to make it somewhat nutritious snack.

Doesn't it look good?

My DH ate almost half of the chocolate covered chex while it was on a wax paper to cool and dry.

I had a hope, I thought.


How many missing pieces in the second picture???


Lis said...

I noticed all the chocolates good. But your mix looks yummy.

carizolli said...

I think it looks delicious! You should ship the left-overs to Oregon :)

Ginny said...

Haha, those stinkers! I always have one or two favorite types in the chex mix...I always leave the pretzels so I can sympathize.