Mar 26, 2011

My latest passion

Crochet. I've done some in the past, but was never into it. Recently I inherited a crochet book from my friend, and thought I'd give a try. Oh boy, it's fun! I now understand those ladies with balls of yarn and needles stitching away! Yes, my house may have been neglected a bit lately because of it, but I've been having so much fun!

Baby beanie with flower for our new niece M.
(Model: my daughter's 18 inch baby doll who happened to have similar size head)
It was my own creation, and of course I didn't write down what I did. It's truly one of the kind!
And the monkey. You've got to have a amigurumi monkey, right?
Yes, this one I followed an instruction.
Now I know how to break the codes such as "2 sc in next 2 ch" and "tog2sc" stuff in those American version of crochet books, it opened up a whole new world of crafting to me.

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