Feb 23, 2011

You know he is up to something when he is quiet...

Then, all of a sudden, you hear "slop, slurrrp, he he, slop, slop..."

Yap. That was my baby K. Eating food off the floor.
Menu: Cajun-spiced baked tilapia with alfredo sauce, green beans, and rice pilaf.

Okay, that didn't sound good...let me try again.

There was a leftover on the dining table packed and ready for my hubby's lunch. Hubby was out with older kids. Baby K was happily playing, while I was in kitchen doing dishes.
I guess, he was happily playing and eating. I guess my baby is now tall enough to reach stuff on the table. I thought I fed him good. I mean, he ate the whole fillet of tilapia, a good portion of rice pilaf, milk, etc., way more than his big sister consumed for the day.
I thought he was full.
I was wrong.
Sorry, baby, you don't have lunch tomorrow, because K and Leo (our dog) decided to share it instead. I know you were looking forward to it. Maybe K felt bad that Leo didn't have enough food of his own. He is such a lucky dog.

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