Jan 6, 2011

Project photo archive

Now Christmas is over, I can post (and show off!) some of my recent projects - of course, Christmas gifts. The best part was to see all those recipients' faces the moment they opened. That's why I can't stop making gifts. It is so rewarding to see those faces!

Since my husband has many siblings and many many kids (total 25, I think. I've lost count...), we each rotate one family gift every year. It is nice to know who is coming next year, and I have been thinking about their gifts for a long time. Really, it gets challenging when a family has 4 girls ranged from age 11 to 16.
A necklace for my niece K.
This was a fun one to make.

Another floral/pearl necklace for my niece L.
Not a great pic, but she loved the actual item.

A purse for my niece E.This was a challenge one as she said she is not a jewelry or flower accessory type of girl. So, I asked her what she wanted. She told me a small purse with long strap, like a messenger bag. When I saw this fabric in the remnant section, I knew what I wanted to do. Still, I was worried to see this hard-to-read 16-year-old's reaction to this. The answer? "Awesome!"

And this for their parents, Red Envelope inspired family tree frame.

A photo from my floral shoppe (well, not really, but my friend wanted to purchase)
small floral hair pins for my friend's girl.

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Kristin said...

Pretty projects, Cheiko! Did you put glitter on the edges of your flower clips? Gorgeous!