Jan 7, 2011

I'm a mom.

The other day, I called my work to discuss with my co-worker about something. As she answered the phone, she asked me "How are you? What's you doing today?" Of course any emergency in M's life happens when Mommy is on the phone. So she was yelling my name for help. My co-worker said, "Ah, you are being Mom today! Good for you!"
Yep. I'm a mom. Full-blown. And I like it when people value the importance of motherhood as I do.

It's not even noon, and I think I already had an event of the day. And I just had to share with my hubby. So I e-mail him:

Do you wanna hear how I spent last 3 minutes?
It all started from changing K's poop, which he was wiggling and did not want to stay still. While I was cleaning that, M called for help that she ne
eded "something white and round and round" (i.e. toilet paper). So I told her to wait while I finally managed to button up K's onesie. Then I realized that the dog was right by the gate making the puking noise. Great. So I hurried up to open the gate...well, I didn't make it. There was a big yellow paddle with a chuck (I think it was dent-a-bone he didn't digest from last night). So I grabbed bunch of paper towel to clean the mess. While I was doing that, of course, K decided to go visit M in the bathroom. I picked him up and move him in the living room, went back to finish cleaning, and then finally gave M a fresh new roll of TP.
All of which, I believe, took me about grand 3 minutes. (typing took longer than that!)

Of course, my hubby shared the story with his co-workers in surrounding cubicles. And his sympathetic co-workers said that they wanted to take me out for a drink. Ha ha.
Well, it's okay. I don't drink. Plus, my hubby is taking me out for a date tonight.

This photo was captured by my dear friend Kristin who is a wonderful photographer. This is one of many favorite photos she took for us. I feel beautiful. And I'm a mom.

"The greatest work we will ever do will be within the walls of our home"
~David O. McKay


Cassavaugh Family said...

You are beautiful and a great mom!

Lis said...

I love this picture! You look great!