Oct 14, 2010

Birthday Bash

We celebrated J and M's birthdays this weekend. It was a grand 5-day event!
We went to a zoo on Friday,
(kids being Rino - isn't that cute?)
and went to a children's museum on Saturday.
Then we had a family birthday party.
Here is J's cake - he requested a skate board.
Of course, M's request was a princess Barbie cake.
What 4-year-old girl doesn't want a princess cake?
And opening gifts, lots of gifts.
I think I took a break on Monday....I don't remember.

Then, of course, the cupcakes for J to share with his 20 some classmates on his birthday.
My husband picked up J from school at lunch time and they went for a special Daddy-and-son lunch. We had J's favorite dinner, home-made hamburger, in picnic style in our front yard enjoying cool fall air and colored leaves flowing by. And to complete, we received a box full of goodies and birthday gifts from Japan. What an event!

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