Jul 8, 2010

Playing hard

We had such fun days with cousins last week. One day, we went to LEGO exhibit (pics below). The next day, we went to a beach (no pics).
We saw amazing stuff
and cool stuff made with LEGO blocks
and we played with regular sized LEGO blocks
and gigantic LEGO blocks
and had a lots and lots of fun time with cousins. After many many hours of playing, J was so sad that he played with his cousins only till 5 pm, not 9 pm (he is learning how to read clock). Um, did I mention that we'd been playing since 11 am?

But yesterday, after he played with his friends all day till almost 9 pm (one family in the afternoon, and the other in the evening as we were invited to a dinner), he said, "It was such a fun day. I had a lot of fun with my friends. Thank you, Mama." I'm glad he was finally satisfied. Whew! But does he really wants to play till 9 pm? Maybe that's why he has to come out of bed at 10 pm saying "I'm hungry." Playing hard, eating good, and life is good for a 5-year-old. Happy Summer time!


Debbie and Bobby said...

alright... you have to tell me where you saw the lego exhibit and if it is still around? That is something we SHOULD NOT miss if can get to it???

Cassavaugh Family said...

Uh, I agree with Debbie, where was this?

Debbie and Bobby said...

We plan to go this weekend...I'll let you know how it goes for us :o)