May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

I feel so loved. So many birthday wishes from my family and friends. Kids kept saying "Happy Birthday, Mama!" all day long. I might have aged 100 years today! And I got a lot of birthday gifts which have been given to me throughout this weekend:
- A truck full of horse manure for my garden
- Cleaning garage and yard by my husband (It's beautiful!!!)
- "Garden" theme cake by my hubby and J, which I wish I had taken some pictures
- A shopping spree to JoAnn (by my husband)
- Yummy baked ziti dinner from my friend (Thank you, Kristin!)
- The best Coconut Cream Pie in town (My husband and kids went out to buy "a secret" dessert for Mommy) for dessert
- A frozen lasagna dinner for later use by another friend
- A gift card to JoAnn from my sister-in-law who knows me very well
- birthday cards and many many birthday wishes via phone, e-mail, and facebook.
I am so loved. My heart is full.
And here a birthday gift for me from myself - a coordinated denim skirts for M and me.
Happy Birthday to Me.

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