May 12, 2010

A day off, well, sort of.

Maybe because of the weather, or maybe something else. Whatever it was, something was causing me being cranky. And I just needed a day off. I needed "me time", a time to take care of myself, by doing things I wanted to do without being interrupted or yelled at "Ma-Ma-!" every 30 seconds. So I took a day off. A day off from work, both inside and outside of home (Wednesday is my only work day). A friend of mine watched the older 2 kids for me, and off I went with baby. Dropping a box full of clothes to donate at Goodwill, dropping another box full of clothes for my friend's little girl, returning things at stores, dropping a form to be signed at Pediatrician's office, etc. Some may say, "That doesn't sound like a day off." But, to me, it was. Having "me time" helped me to clear my head. Clearing out my clutter out of my house cleared my mind. Cheating on dinner by buying a rotisserie chicken and making mashed potatoes out of potato pearls lifted pressure off my shoulder. Kids went to bed before 8 pm and I was able to enjoy a nice quiet time alone.
Oh, my baby is calling me. I think I can take a nice cuddle with my sweet chubby baby.

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Debbie and Bobby said...

It feels good to run multiple errands knowing you will accomplish far more in an hour or two than you ever would with all the kiddos doesn't it? I know that feeling all to well. I hope you turned the radio up a bit too (that is what I do when I get out,lol)