Aug 14, 2009

Summer goodness - spray park and local ice cream shop

It's been such a cool summer here this year, but it's been nice and hot this week. So I decided to take kids to a spray park in a city where their cousins live. Their great grandma and their 3 cousins joined us and we had a good time! J has not been a big fan of water in the face. But this time, he was soaked wet from head to toe, going over and under water. Of course, they fell sleep on the way home - it was a good 40 minutes nap for them.
After dinner, we headed out to our favorite local ice cream shop. As part of our local libray Summer Reading Program, every 10 books kid read, they receive rewards. Our (ahem, it's more like my, ahem) favorite is the free coupon for small soft serve.
It was a perfect summer day. I love it.


Lis said...

That is so awesome! We sure had a great time hanging out with you guys and your wonderful family in TN! It was wonderful talking with you. I wish we had more time. :)

Debbie and Bobby said...

I'm excited for the one in Mt. Pleasant, yeah! Hopefully it will warm up enough to use before this summer is over!