Aug 21, 2009

I love my OB doctor!!

My OB doctor just called me on my cell phone, on Friday night. He called me to let me know that the last ultrasound showed that my placenta has moved up! I was told I had partial placenta previa last month. I have been worried. But now it's moved up and I am under no restriction! And he called me on Friday night to let me know! What a doctor!! He has been a wonderful doctor for me and kids ever since I started seeing him (I used to work at the hospital and did a lot of research on which doctor to choose). Now, he passed to another level of awesomeness. Oh, what a blessing!!! I love you, Dr. S!


Kristin said...

Awesome news!

Lis said...

That's great news! I hope all is going well for you. Miss ya!


Cassavaugh Family said...

Yeah! thanks for sharing the news! That must be a huge relief. Hope all continues to go well.