Nov 19, 2012

Thank-you'd out

This expression is probably not exactly grammatically correct or something we feel often.

But my husband did.
by our sweet little boy K.

This photo taken this summer is nothing to do with this post, but it captures him throwing....
He loves trains, cars, motorcycles, trucks, tractors, anything with wheels.
He also loves to throw stuff, like things listed above. 
So, when his Daddy moves the couch, well, we hit some jack-pot. 

K: "Wow! Dah! (That's how he calls Dad. Daddy is too cool to be called with 2 syllables, according to the old man) Thank you!"
Dah: "You are welcome, K."
K: "No! Dah! Thank you! Thank you, Dah! Choo-choo! Thank you!"
Dah: "Yup."
K:"Wow! Thomas! Thank you, Dah! Wow! Cars! Dah! Thank you! Thank you, Dah!"
Dah: "Yeah, yeah. It's okay, K."
K: "Thank you, Dah! Choo-choo! Wow, cars! Dah! Thank you!"
Dah: "Okay, that's enough, K."
K: "Thank you! Thank you, Dah!"
Dah: "....."

K thanked his Dad 5800 times (not that he counted), for about good 20 minutes. 
He is a very thankful child, to say the least, maybe. 

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