Jul 30, 2012

K vs. a garden snake

I did not witness this, but it has to be recorded. No photo either...
(Ok, here is a photo of K with beach boy lock before his haircut - nothing to do with this post)
The other day, our 2 1/2 year-old K had his first encounter with a garden snake at our friend's place. My husband was holding it to show the kids. K's big brother J touched a little bit. Despite my husband's warning to K not to go too close to the head of the snake, K went to touch its head.

Snap! (or maybe not so much...)

Of course, the snake took a bite of K on his thumb.

K's response?

He wrapped his hand around the thumb, held for a while, then yelled at the snake
"NO! BABY ITAI ITAI!" ("ITAI" means hurt in Japanese and he calls himself "baby", so he was telling the snake that K is hurting!)

He looked at the thumb (no bleeding or anything major) again, then again

Got that, snake? No more hurting K!

K vs. a garden snake - a garden snake may have had an advantage of biting K, but K didn't cry....so, stay tune for the round 2! (well, hopefully not too soon for his mother's sake...)

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