Jun 8, 2012

Let the Summer begin!

Officially, Summer has began. 

Day 1: we played with play dough.
 J's blue Jay and her eggs.
M's Robin and her eggs.
J said her Robin looks like Angry Bird - M was not so happy about that....

And the fun with play dough ended by 9 am. 
Yes, 9 AM!  

(Phineas and Ferb, please don't tell me there is 104 days of summer vacation...)

We decided to go to a spray park in the early afternoon before K's nap (no photo).

Kids had fun. They splashed, took breaks, went sliding, while I sat in the shade reading a book.
It was a nice afternoon.
Then, K got splashed (yes, we were at Spray Park where you should be sprayed by water) on his face, M fell from a slide on wood chips and scraped her knee, and their friend hit her head with one water feature. 

It was time for us to go home. 

A couple of more girls joined us in the backyard and played in the sandbox, with water. A lot of water. (again, no photo, due to my policy of not showing kids' face much on public...)

After 7 wet/sandy/muddy kids later, I had a little quiet time....

No, oh no, we are not done yet. 
Because my husband took older 2 monkeys to Summer Festival!
 They got to ride
and ride
and ride.

By the way, this was the gift for my son J's teacher Mrs. R. She was a wonderful teacher.  J asked what her favorite color was one day - it was red. So I made a pair of red themed earrings (no photo). The package and card were scraps of my paper supplies, but I thought it turned out cuter than I thought! Thank you, Mrs. R!


Today, on Day 2, we are taking easy. J and M are at their friends' house for a play date (Thank you, M!). K is napping. And me is trying to keep record of this precious moments. 

Happy Summer!

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