Aug 20, 2010

Call-in sick today

I'm not sure if it's from some kind of bug or just exhaustion from good-old playing hard without enough sleep. My 2 older kids had mild fever today. My body doesn't produce much of fever, but I have had this headache and absolutely no energy to do anything. So, I decided to call-in sick today Kids are fed and changed. I think that's about all I have done today. I guess it's a benefit of being stay-at-home mom, because I don't have any certain number of sick-days to begin with. Although I have a son who constantly calling me "Mama!" for help and asked me to finish his $1.00 wooden model helicopter (which I did finish), I don't have to be yelled at by my boss (my former boss, that is). Although I have a lot of housework needed to be done, I don't have to feel unnecessarily guilty about leaving that job for my nagging co-workers (again, my former co-workers), because those housework will still be there without much complain, or maybe my sweet dear husband will help do graciously.
So, today, kids and I just snuggled up in a couch and watched movies (kids) or read a book (me), and got some very needed rest all together.

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