Jul 1, 2009

Third generation Scoutmaster

My husband is now a Scoutmaster, third generation in his family. So is one of his brother. Third generation Eagle Scout, too. I am so proud of him. He will make a good leader for those teenage boys. I'm sure he'll enjoy camping with bunch of boys as outdoor is his love. He left today for the annual boyscout camp after work. I won't see him till Saturday afternoon. I don't think we have ever been apart for this long (yeah, I know it's only for a few day). Kids and I will miss him. Well, we already do. My friend's husband is an assistant scout leader and he has been there since Monday! I guess I can't complain... She and I will have "Widows' Club" on Friday - nothing fancy. It's just a play date for kids, and for us, well, it's more of stress relief as we'll have adult level conversation (i.e., girls' talk).

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