Jun 11, 2009

Entertainment of the day

J called me loud from our small half-bathroom, "MA-MA~!!" I knew what was going on - J just finished pooping. Ever since he has been potty-trained, he has to show me what his body can produce, every time. He is a very good eater and has a very very healthy body, I mean healthy GI tract. Without going into too much of detailed description, I must say he has clogged toilet more than I ever have in my entire life. And, tonight, I simply just didn't want to move out of couch. So, I asked my husband. He was eating his late-dinner on the couch, and of course, he refused (I would too!). We told J that he had to wait. In a meantime, his sweet little sister went for us to check it out. Then we heard, "Wow! Josh Ooooooookki Unchi-chi!!! ("HUGE poop!" in Japanese)" She was quite fascinated by it and repeatedly reported to us (Thanks, M). We told him to wipe and flush, but J replied "I think it'll probably clog the toilet again." *sign* Oh, boy. I was almost praying it would flush. J gave us a live report on the water level status and we thought it might clog, again. But it flushed! YEAH!!! We all exclaimed! Whew! M waved and said good-bye to it as she went, "Bye-bye! Luv you." Who would have thought such love can be created! Well, to me, I don't have to plunge or clean the floor, so I'm pretty happy about that. And yes, it is very nice to have a child being fully potty-trained. Life is good, isn't it?

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Lis said...

lol, that is so funny, Marina used to have to announce every time she had to potty. I am so excited to see you in a couple months.